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I am Heinous J. I am an avid sports fan, as well as a die-hard ST. Louis Rams fan. I love all things St. Louis, especially the Rams. I enjoy talking sports over an ice cold beer. I really feel that is the best thing in life.


KC Chiefs football, NBA basketball., NCAA football and basketball, NFL football, Notre Dame Football, Rams Football, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, WWE Wrestling

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Getting my opinion across, listening to others

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There's Little left from Super Bowl team posted on 05/27/2009
Sure he may be the last man standing at Rams Park, but Leonard Little has earned it. I know that Torry "Big Game" Holt was the 'man' on offense, but face it, the Rams had to get younger. Am I mad that Holt is gone, YES. Do I think that the Rams made a mistake in letting him go, YES. But, I can see their reasoning. It's about youth. The Rams have quickly become one of the youngest teams in the NFL. That is good and bad. We in Rams Nation may have to suffer through another tough season. Well, it's got to be better than listening to the bumbling and stumbling...........Scott Linehand. Sorry, I really did already forget his name. Such a boring man. With Steve Spagnulo running things, the last man left is Leonard Little. Some may wonder why? Well let me tell you why. The guy is a cons

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