Brewers Hot, Mets Not!

September 27, 2008

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Brewers Hot, Mets Not!

Suddenly it seems as though the Mets won't make the postseason yet again.  After winning again the Brewers now find themselves in the driver's seat and the Mets are on the outside looking in.  New York is now down 1 game in the wild card with 2 games left to play.  Although it's not a major collapse as it was last year, the Mets players have got to be saying "oh great, not again".  Everyone seemed to think that the Mets would be in the playoffs and not the Brewers, but Milwaukee will not go down without a fight.  Friday's game against the Marlins saw the Mets use 8, yes I said 8 different pitchers.  Aside from Johan Santana, who will be pitching Saturday's game on 3 days rest, no one else on that pitching staff can be counted on to go deep into a game.  Even if the Mets do survive and make it to the playoffs it seems to me that they would be making an early exit.  Right now it looks like the Brewers are the more energetic and more fiery team than are the Mets.  They remind me of last year's Colorado Rockies.  Maybe they aren't the best, but they sure seem like they want it right now.  Sorry Met fan, but I think you will have to wait again till next year.

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