A Little Bit Of H-Evan

October 02, 2008

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A Little Bit Of H-Evan

Well it seems as though the "Devil" in Devil Rays has officially been exorcised.  The Rays win their first playoff game in franchise history on the shoulders of rookie Evan Longoria.  Those who do not watch baseball would probably think that Longoria was a seasoned veteran by the looks of him.  He looked very comfortable as he tagged a homerun in each of his first two at-bats.  It seemed to me that the Rays were the more relaxed and more fired up team.  In defense of the White Sox, the Rays players were sitting at home resting, while Chicago was playing their butts off just to get into the playoffs.  But I've gotta say that Tampa looked as good as any other team in the playoffs.  They were hitting the ball, looked sharp defensively, and had good pitching.  Their bullpen did a great job in getting out of a bases loaded jam in the 7th inning, and other than one bad inning, the Sox bats were shut down.  My only question is, where did all of the Rays' "fans" come from?  I know they weren't going to games during the regular season.  I guess they didn't want to jump on the band wagon until this first playoff game.

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