Goodbye Red Sox

October 21, 2008

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Goodbye Red Sox

My prayers have been answered.  The Boston Red Sox are not in the World Series.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that they lost to the Rays.  I am sick of the Sox fan.  You've had 5 years of winning and 86 years of losing, and you've become more annoying than the Yankee fan.  At least the Yankees have a real tradition of winning.  Show some humility and admit that the Rays were the better team.  It was great to see the Rays win game 7.  They really deserved it.  Aside from the collapse in game 5 they really played great baseball.  Hitting, pitching, and defense were all there. The worst to first season continues into the World Series. 

I really have to admit that mid season I thought the Rays would falter and perhaps not make the playoffs.  Now I feel that they have a great shot at winning the title.  I don't feel that the Philadelphia Phillies have enough to beat Tampa.  I think that the Rays have really come together at the right time, and have more balance in every aspect than do the Phillies.  Regardless of who wins, I just have to say that ,thank God it won't be the Red Sox.

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