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Jim Haslett is the Rams Man posted on 01/06/2009

     This  has taken us Rams fans over like Obama and McCain.  OK well maybe not that extreme but you know what I mean.  There are so many problems with this team sometimes I think the head-coach is the least important.  But knowing that is were it all starts, it has become the hot topic.

     Jim Haslett took over a team that was lost and tired of playing for Scott Linehan. He promptly won two in a row and had whispers of playoffs abounding.  They were good wins over Dallas and Washington.  Then it spiraled out of control to the tune of 10 straight loses.  Although the Rams were in some of those, others they should not have bothered dressing.  But when I learned upon Haslett taking over that he had small things like having bushes trimmed at Rams park done, well that tells me he understands that a culture of losing is a disease and takes strong antibactics and most importantly time.  I know all the arguments.  His Defense was garbage, and I concede that.  He certainly has had some influence on draft picks that have not played to potential.  And 10 loses in a row is something that some sports writers could have avoided.  But with all that said, who else you going with?  Jim Fassel is the biggest name that is going to be courted.  No Marty, no Cowher and No Shanahan.  Now the rookie head coach arguement is a compelling one.  Mike Smith, John Harbaugh and Tony Saprano have the idea very sexy.  But for every Payton Manning there is a Ryan Leaf.  Can't say I am a big fan of this coin flip.  So that leaves us Mr. Haslett.  Just ponder this for an instant.  Jim Haslett had to lead a team in the most difficult season in the History of the NFL.  From San Antonio and the Bayou Bengal to working out of buses.  I refer to Katrina and the Saints.  I can not think of more credit deserved than not only juggling an NFL team, but wondering if his players houses were safe or maybe there families lives.  I am saying just this.  Two year deal with a club option to buy out the second year.  This will give us the best measuring stick  for Haslett and honestly the worst that can happen is another top 5 pick.  Take the chance, roll the dice and hope for a Yahtzee.  If not, throw the bank at Bill or Marty next year and take Colt McCoy with one of the top 3 picks.  After all, the worst thing that can happen is we have to sit through another debate about who to take with the number 2 pick.  Not all bad.....

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